Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is wrong with these kids???

Real quick

Big Boy pisses on toilet seat

I make him clean it

Little Boy calls him a nasty buzzard

Big Boy punches Little Boy in the chest and starts choking the hale outta him

I rush in and start FIGHTING Big Boy! I have never FOUGHT my son before but this was serious! He was really hurting Little Boy! I don't know what the hale is wrong with them 2 lately. It's like living in the damn Bad video. EVERYTHING is a fight. Cereal, the tv, house keys...I mean every got-damn thing! I can't take it. Don't they know they are working me up to a damn heart attack???

There was one bright shining moment in the whole situation though. During the melee, my towel came off and I ended up beating Big Boy's ass, ass naked!!! Who has ever gotten they ass whooped by they momma and they momma was ass naked????!!!??? I'm not sure if that look on Big Boys face was fear cause I beat that ass or shock cause I was nakie. LOL!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Boy is DEF my son!!!!!!

Really not sure what Big Boy wrote this for. He says it was an assignment for school. He is growing into quite the militant young man. **whispers**I'm so proud!!

Broken Rules

It means that the first amendment didn't mean that you get beat and killed for speaking your rights. It says freedom of speech, so why are white people doing the opposite of a major statement in the constitution and why should we be arrested for stopping a crime that whites have committed and why do we get discriminated and shunned upon inside of mainstream america** and why did we get lynched for knowing that a white person killed an Afro-American. we have the same rights as everybody else so why do we get arrested and wait for court for 7 years but, the new white guy goes to court and gets freedom in a matter of 1 day while we sit and wait. it's just not the way things should go. we are all the same inside. so why not be treated as so.

I found out about his paper AFTER it had been handed in and Big Boy said the teacher told him she wanted to show this to her colleagues. Hmmmmmm...wonder what that's all about.

And for the definition of Mainstream America** let's catch another phone conversation with me and Big Boy

Me: (answers phone)WHAT??!!??

Big Boy: Will you PLEASE tell Little Boy about Mainstream America and how it's out to get us!!!!

Me: Why don't you tell me about it Big Boy.

Big Boy: Mainstream America is WHITE FOLKS!!!!

Me: Boy! Who have you been talking to???

Big Boy: I be listening to you and my dad talk about stuff.

Me: Boy bye! You know I'm at work and can't let the man catch me on the phone.

Yeah I think this weekend me and Big Boy's dad are going to have to have a talk with him.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You've changed!

Yeah! CAM has been screaming that shyt lately. I beg to differ buddy boy! You say I've changed cause I have a new job making a few more coins than I was making before. In the words of Biggie, "Mo money, Mo problems". I'm just as broke now as before. Or is it because I won't give you any of my money. See, that's always a sore spot with dudes and me. I have NEVER been the type of chick that just gives her money all free and willy-nilly. Nope! I'm not gonna clothe you. Nope! I'm not gonna put gas in ur car. Nope! I'm not hading out pocket money. Why? Cause I ain't got it, I ain't got it. I have kids. DUH! And for me to put ur needs ahead of my kids, I ain't even gonna be able to do it. See what the problem is, ur used to chicks giving u money and shyt like a damn fool. They prolly got kids too. But the prospect of getting sum dack totally outweighs any common sense they may (or may not) possess. Don't get me wrong, I LOVES THE DACK! But, I aint paying for it. It's really not that serious to me. And I hope ur not thinking that I should be willing to pay for it cause I'm fat. WRONG AGAIN! I'm flyer than a muther phucker! I'm really not sure if you're aware of that. Niccas dig me. I can get sum dack. U better believe it! I'm just not on that right now.

I know ur shyt is kinda phucked up right now. And I feel for you. I truly do. But, I would be more inclined to do something for someone that has done something for me. That has never been the case with us. You don't do shyt for me. So, I in turn, have learned not to do shyt for you. See how that works? Since we've known each other, I have been homeless, lost jobs, lost my grandparents...all kinds of phucked up shyt. And you were NEVER there. NEVER! So yeah, I will always feel some sort of way about that. All you were able to provide me with were games that I didn't want to play and hurt feelings. So I guess you get what you give. You said it best earlier, "Karma's a bitch!". Yes it is CAM, yes it is.

You asked for a blog about you. There you go. Enjoy!

P.s. You know I love you. Just had to let you know that ur shyt indeed stinks!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

These kids of mine...

Overheard last night....

Lil boy: Lemme play ur game Big Boy.

Big Boy: Lemme kick you in the nutz.

Lil Boy: How long you gonna let me play the game???

Me: What the fuck kinda shyt is that???!!! Get the hale outta my room with that mess. And Lil Boy you'se a damn fool if you let him kick you in the nutz!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of all things to talk about when I've been gone

**whispers**Mr. Smoke and Mirrors thought he was talking to me on the phone the other day and asked Big Boy if he was ready for dick and blunts!!


Bwaaahaaaahaaaaa@Big Boy sounding like a 30 y/o woman

Sunday, July 19, 2009

You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you....

I just thought it was time to re-introduce you all to my theme song

If you do feel like I'm talking about you, chances are you're ab-so-fuckn-lutely correct. You fucking asshat!!!

P.S. The fact that you need to come read my blog just to keep up with me makes YOU(not my usual readers)a fucking stalker. Get a fucking life or kill yourself. Either would be an improvement. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A few questions for You...

Sooooo your not talking to me because I'm not in agreement with you getting back with ur abusive boyfriend? My kids can't see your kids because you think they're going to come over here and tell me how you getting ur noodle knocked? Ur mad at me because I care about you and ur children? You got an attitude because I think it's a horrible idea for you to have another child? For 1, you're too old to still be popping babies and for 2, why would you want a baby with that bitch. I'm just saying. Do you really think I'm hating on you because you over there getting black eyes? Do you really think I believe y'all over there BALLIN'(in my Jim Jones voice) and ain't broke and struggling just like me? You must think I'm a fool? He must take me as a joke? You don't know that I know a few folks that know him, do you? Your not aware of his history, are you? Don't you know that abusive men alienate you from your families and friends so they can have total control over you? And, you just over there letting him, right? Have you lost your mind? Do you feel that bad about urself? Do you really feel like you deserve that shit? Aren't you scared? You don't worry about him harming your kids? You must not know that you're showing ur daughters its okay to let a nicca whoop on you and your son that it's cool to whoop chicks as long as the abuser says sorry? Do have a clue as to how silly all of this sounds? You know this makes you look all fucked up to everybody, right?

Don't you know I fear for you?

Don't you know I cry for you?

Don't you know I miss you?

Don't you know I love you?

You're not tryna hear me, are you.............

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pay UP!!!

Awwwwww....look who spent his birfday in jail. LIL BOY'S DADDY!!!

AH-HA Brian Ware!!! Pay ya child support nucca and these things wouldn't happen to you! Karma's a Bitch!!!!!

Click the link and search for Brian Ware.

Am I bogus for putting his name out there like that???


**Update** He got out. I hear they gave him a personal recognizance bond for the child support. WTF! You trusted him the 1st time to make the child support payments on his own without garnishing his paychecks and he didn't do it. Hence the child support warrants. So now y'all trust him to bring his ass back to court based on his word. Ummm yeah...lemme marinate on that one for a minute.

Minute's up!

Yep! Y'all stupid.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He is so lucky he made me laugh....

I went to Lil Boy's field trip today and Big Boy just so happened to be "on his deathbed" and couldn't go to school today. The field trip was alright. Nuthing too exciting happened. Feel free to check out the pics on FB. The fun began when I got home. Big Boy is gone to the doctor with his dad and I'm surveying the damage of him being home alone all day. Not too bad. Two wet washcloths on the floor in the hallway. But, other than that. Not too bad. So I grab my laptop so I can download the pics from the field trip. I turn it's going through the motions to load or whatever it does...the desktop appears....and there it was

WTF is this??!!?? The file name is: 133897 - Bleach Isane_Kotetsu Kiyone_Kotetsu Kukaku_Shiba Nanao Nemu_Kurotsuchi Orihime Rangiku_Matsumoto Retsu_Unohana Rukia_Kuchiki Soifon Utility_Pole_Spirit Yoruichi.jpg

Ahhhhhh...Bleach. Big Boys favorite weird anime show. This nicca been on my laptop!!! He knows damn well he doesn't touch this thing. I don't want him glancing at the mutha phucka! I click on his lil file and what do I get?????

DA HALE?!?! What is this??? Is this Kiddie Porn y'all??? Fa'real??? Is it? OMG!!! Big Boy is 12, is this the age they look at this kind of stuff.

Anways, after seeing the anime porn, I call Big Boy's dad.

Me: Ask Big Boy why he was on my laptop

Him:(to Big Boy)Yo momma said what wuz you doing on her laptop

Big Boy: My stomach hurts

Me: you sick again. You wasn't sick earlier when you were looking at porn!

Big Boy: I didn't mean to. I was looking for pictures from Bleach and it just popped up and I didn't know what to do so I-


Big Boy: No, it saved itself. I didn't kn-

Me: Forget it dude. Just don't be looking at porn on my laptop. I won't delete it though. You might wanna look at it later. Right?

Big Boy: Bye Momma

LOL!! Po thang.

"My stomach hurts."


P.S. My scribbling didn't turn out like Mo's. Mine kinda didn't help the situation. Looks like I gave em pasties and big pube bushes. Oh well you get the idea.

P.P.S. On the real, is this considered kiddie porn???

Monday, May 18, 2009

Random shyt......

Sum stuff on my mind right now....

I went out for the 1st time alone the other night. It wasn't that bad. Even though I couldn't shake Tony from Houston all nite. At least I had a few free drinks and sum semi-decent conversation. Now that I think about it.....did I really go out by myself if I spent the evening talking to that guy?

Lil Boy had a diabetes test done on Saturday. It was negative. But, we still have to get all the weight he's gained off of him. I bought him a bike and dude won't ride it. I mean what am I supposed to do? Beat his ass cause he won't exercise??? Nah...I really don't think that's what's up...

I got my best friend back. Nuf said!

I had a great conversation with a good black brother over breakfast on Sunday. Sometimes I need to talk to an upwardly mobile young brother just to remember they do still exist.

I read two books this week. Mama Black Widow by Iceberg Slim and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I think I got hoed by the dude in Barnes and Noble when I bought those books. He asked my friend I was with if she had their little "member's card". She didn't, she asked if I had one. I told her that I have a Borders member's card. When I got up to the counter to pay for my books, dude didn't even ask me if I wanted to join their lil members club. WTF! U salty dude cause I'm down with Borders??? Really? Anywho...get one of those books. Pretty good reads. And get it from Barnes and Noble. I think they need you right now.

I saw a big fat ass girl fall across the street from my job on Friday. She deserved it. All them damn colors she had on must have made her gravitational pull greater or sumthing. She had on sum lime green leggings, sum sort of shiny silver-y quilted boot type moccasin(whew..that took a lot outta me), and a black and red plaid jacket. Well, as I was watching her come out of the store, she cross the street and as soon as she made it up on the sidewalk..she kinda...just...gave up. She really didn't fall or trip, she just gave up and went down. She sat there for a second and got her big ass up and went on 'bout her business. This dude standing in the doorway of the Cricket store was laughing at her loud as hell. I wanted to laugh too but with me being a public servant now, I didn't think it was right to laugh at a client.

In her face.

I guess that's it. I'll entertain any questions you might have. Leave em in the comments.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

If Only.....

If only I could touch the hem of his garment. If only.

Holla if you hear me Thunda!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Whooo Lawd! Is this how He's praised now?????

DAMMIT Mo!!!! This is not right! It just ain't right. Ion blame you for wanting to shutting down after this right here.

I wonder if he needs sum fresh music. I like to make **ahem** hits for the Kang. Sing along now lil chil'ren

**Sung to the tune of Hotline by Pretty Ricky**

It's 8 in the morning!
And I'm up getting ready for Sunday School (School)
Oh Jesus!
Jesus is on the Mainline
And he'll always be there for You (you)
Oh Jesus!
Lets sing our praise All Saints
We'll pray for those who aiiiint
Lets talk about his undying love
The blood will wash you white as a dooooove

Okay..okay. I keed I keed...I'm sorry Mo. I couldn't resist. Don't shut down just cause onnnnnne itsy-bitsy incident involving a skrippa pole and the Lawd.

Please..pretty pretty please with sugar on top!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dammit E.B.!! Y'all going to hale for this...

Bwaaaahaaaahaaaaaa!!! Look at my buddy E.B.'s granny!! Aint she gansta y'all?? Hmph..I wish my granny was this cool. Ion thank Grandma Davis would do this. She'd have too many damyum questions about why she gotta ask sumbody to make it juicy for her. LOL!! Imma see if I can get her to sang Ain't I and do the Stanky Leg. Prolly not. But a girl can dream.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Too Much???


I just had a ignorant convo with sum miscellaneous ass dude over on YKYDAW and basically he said that my bio on here is "too much". What about someone's life constitutes as being "too much"? I mean if that's who I am and I don't mind letting you know, then what's the problem? I posed that same question to dude and he was like "That's too much all at once.". Soooooooo what ur saying is me being me is too much. He's so sick that not only am I mixed...but I like chicks..annnnnd I need meds from time to time. Damn! I can only be one or two at a time. This nicca done put a limit on my life! Ummmm shyt, I be tryna to know more than that about a person. I wish folks would let u know all they biz b4 u have any kind of relationship. Then that way u can choose if u wanna deal with they ass. Maybe that's just the natural nosiness in me.

I feel like folks should stop being who they aren't, and never will be, and start being and owning up to themselves. Being urself is a wonderful thing.

P.S...Thank you City

P.P.S. Only homosexuals spell boy like "boi"...I'm just saying.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back to my old tricks.....

O.K. I know that I said I was closing down all my social sites. Wellllll, I didn't. I kept one open. Which one u may ask. Nunna yo business! LOL!!!

But check out this lovely right here

Membership: GOLD Member
Last Login: online now
Joined On: December 22, 2008
Age/Gender: 38 year old Man
Location: Windsor , ON Canada
Height: 5'8"
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Race: Black, Native American
Religion: Spiritual
Income: $75-100K
Profession: Transportation
Status: Tell you later

Not so bad. Huh?

Wait for it.....Wait for it.....

Bwaaaaahaaaahaaaa......I see you Canada, I see you!

One more..just cause he is such a beauty

**sanging** And beauty is his naaaaaaaame!

Who in the El DeBarge hell does this dude think he is? It's 2009! CUT THAT SHYT OFFA YO HEAD! Stoney Jackson, my address is 227 looking ass dude. And then he wants folks to know that, "And yes this is my real pic.". I would hope so. Cause I'm so sure aint nobody went trolling the innanet for pics to use on a site and they chose these. I'm straight on all that. I'm going back to sleep now, this nonsense is making my head hurt worse.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dry as HALE around this camp.....

Y'all miss me yet??

Don't worry. I'm still breathing. Just don't have shyt to really talk about.

I got a new gig working for some government housing program. I'm working in the rental office. Lots of paperwork and coon ass tenants. Had a guy walking around the 2nd floor the other day with a damn gun! I politely hid out in the underground parking area until all was clear.**Please don't tell the crazies in my buildings my hiding spot**

Went to the casino last night with Mr. Smoke and Mirrors, the dynamic duo(Toya and Ronica), and Ronica's cuz Nikki. We were attempting to go to the wack ass comedy show but, when we got there it was sold out. So off to give the damn indians my money. It wasn't so bad. I pretty much broke even. Le sigh..... I did see my cuz in the casino. She was mugging the hale outta me. I think she was mad cause I don't really talk to her much anymore and I was out(looking hawt to def)without her. I'm not mad at her or nuthing. She just was having to many problems and I can't always sit there and listen to folks complaints about their fucked up situations. I have my own. So I told her I'm taking a break. It's been about 2 months now. And I'm still taking a break.

Quick updates

I cut my hair some more
Lil Boy done went bonkers(more on that later)
I'm still not talking to the chick that was fooling around with Lil Boy's pappy
I think that I have lost my best friend to her new guy(more on that later)
I've been dating an **ahem** older gentleman

That's it..I guess...I'll come back sometime this week and share a lil more.

Oh yeah. This is totally off subject but, Chris Brown handed Rihanna the foo-flops! When will chicks learn to stay outta dudes phones???? Jealousy is a mutha phucka...mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmm

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Late as usual...

Happy New Years and all that jazz!

So far in 2009 the onliest thang I have done is smoke illegals and go to the grocery store with Mr. Smoke&Mirrors. My hair has been standing up on my head since the 31st and I don't care. Well I guess I better care today since I gotta go to the slave camp tomorrow.

X-mas was wack. Lil Boy gave me a cat calendar, GRE-AAAAAAT. But he's 9 so what do I expect. I went and hit up the 1/2 price sales on the day after X-mas and replenished my perfume supply. So Merry fucking X-mas to me.

I have already banished a person from my realm for the new year. I'm already a sad kinda person to begin with and I'll be damned if I wanna sit up and hear you complain about how much money YOU don't have. See the thing is, dude was like locked up for a week and is trying to "get it up", y'all know what I'm saying and if you don't let me know and we can have a private conversation. So while he's used to having XYZ in his pocket he now only has XY and I ain't trying here no nicca sang the blues about some damn money. I told dude he should see how my ass be shucking and jiving on Fridays when I get my lil paycheck. He just straight shitted on my paycheck. He was like $ ain't shit..I make $ in an hour. I just told dude to call me when he was in a better mood. But I got a trick for that ass, I'm changing my number tomorrow. Sooo...ummmm...good luck with that phone call.

I have also pretty much closed all my social website memberships down. No more MySpace, OBC, BlackPlanet and the such. Tired of meeting the same kinda niccas and broads all the time. And me thinks that some undesirables that I used to associate with had been going though my friends lists and talking to plenty of dudes that I used to talk to. Tack-Kay!!! Oh well, my dinner and ur doggy bag. So, I just cut that water smooth the fuck off.

I guess that's it for now. It's a new year and hopefully a new me. Let's see where this goes.