Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dry as HALE around this camp.....

Y'all miss me yet??

Don't worry. I'm still breathing. Just don't have shyt to really talk about.

I got a new gig working for some government housing program. I'm working in the rental office. Lots of paperwork and coon ass tenants. Had a guy walking around the 2nd floor the other day with a damn gun! I politely hid out in the underground parking area until all was clear.**Please don't tell the crazies in my buildings my hiding spot**

Went to the casino last night with Mr. Smoke and Mirrors, the dynamic duo(Toya and Ronica), and Ronica's cuz Nikki. We were attempting to go to the wack ass comedy show but, when we got there it was sold out. So off to give the damn indians my money. It wasn't so bad. I pretty much broke even. Le sigh..... I did see my cuz in the casino. She was mugging the hale outta me. I think she was mad cause I don't really talk to her much anymore and I was out(looking hawt to def)without her. I'm not mad at her or nuthing. She just was having to many problems and I can't always sit there and listen to folks complaints about their fucked up situations. I have my own. So I told her I'm taking a break. It's been about 2 months now. And I'm still taking a break.

Quick updates

I cut my hair some more
Lil Boy done went bonkers(more on that later)
I'm still not talking to the chick that was fooling around with Lil Boy's pappy
I think that I have lost my best friend to her new guy(more on that later)
I've been dating an **ahem** older gentleman

That's it..I guess...I'll come back sometime this week and share a lil more.

Oh yeah. This is totally off subject but, Chris Brown handed Rihanna the foo-flops! When will chicks learn to stay outta dudes phones???? Jealousy is a mutha phucka...mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmm