Friday, October 31, 2008

Quality vs. Quantity

This is gonna be real short....

I was talking to Mr. Smoke and Mirrors the other night and u wanna know that this fool said to me???

He would rather have 10 ones instead of 1 ten.


Basically, he would rather have a gang of busted ass broads than to have one hot, scrum-diddly-umptious bird.

Really? Really? I can't even call it.

Mr. Smoke and Mirrors, what say you??? We demand answers!!!!

P.S. Momma Smoke and Mirrors was right. You know yo ass was out there Booty-Scooting!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That Was My Jam!!!

I didn't really forget to do this yesterday. I was a little busy yesterday. Little Boy's birthday party is Saturday and I was doing some stuff for that. it is. Do y'all remember when gangs were super prevelant? I guess they still bang on the east and west coast. But, here in Milwaukee, you don't really see it as much anymore. "But, I know they out there. Standing around with they hoodies on waiting to snatch my purse"(directly from my momma's mouth, she so damn scary).

I thought I was hard as hell sanging these damn songs.

What set did you rep???

Monday, October 27, 2008

You ain't gotta lie to kick it!

Man! WTF is up with dudes these days???? If I have one more nicca's girlfriend contact me....I swear, it's gonna be one. She is gonna have to **say it with me** Find Out About It!

Long story short, this cat I had been talking to for about 2 weeks, girlfriend texted me yesterday. She wasn't all brolic or nuthing like that (even though she called me a TRICK), it was just the fact that she contacted me. I didn't even bother to give her my usual horse and pony show that I usually give when some one's other contacts me. I didn't even have it in me yesterday. But, she did say something to me, she left me a voicemail, that kinda made me laugh. Basically, she said that I NEED to respect her and their relationship. Ummmmmmmm...NO! NEVERENDING doesn't need to do anything. I did advise her that I asked dude if he had an "other" and he told me no. Sounds to me like SHE needs to have a conversation with HIM about respecting THEIR relationship.

What has happened in the world that cats think that its A O-Kay to have a main chick and whatever dummy(me)on the side??? I mean gee! If ur not ready to settle down, then don't. And the thing about it is, if a guy would be forthcoming and honest about the situation, I just may have been with it. I mean, shyt, we don't even live in the same state. It wasn't all that serious to be lying and whatnot.**Le sigh** Men will never learn.

What is it exactly that they get from doing shyt like that?? Is it funny? Does it make them feel like they're "The Man"? Can men be nymphos??? Cause I truly think it's about the sex. Seeing as, initially, I met him on a sex site. Hmmmmm??? I wonder if she knows that her guy is running around showing folks, what's supposed to be just for her??? Well, he need not worry, I won't tell. I ain't even like that. She did leave me her phone number like I was gonna call her and shyt. Nah,I think I'll pass. That is, here it comes folks, unless she's proper ass hell and digs fat chicks. There. I said it. Y'all know how I do.

P.S. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know Stinkums, I could be blogging about all the wonderful things that you do. But, this is so much more entertaining. You know folks like drama!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That Was My Jam!!!

See..I'm getting pretty good at remembering to do this.

Today we have E.U. and "Da Butt". This song was featured in the movie School Daze and on my step-mommas tape deck on Saturdays when she cleaned up for about 2 months. They never really caught on in the rest of the U.S., prolly cause don't nobody like Go-Go music but folks over in D.C. But this song was pretty hawt for the time.

They had this cut too. I still listen to this one.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hellllllllllllllllllllll Naw!

I was over at Nicole Bitchie's today and saw this little gem right here! I am sooooo glad I didn't look at this at work. Cause when I saw! Speechless.

I NEED to know the background on this travesty! Po thang was prolly tryna shake it up for her Boo and then THIS happened. What I really wanna know is, who da hell put this on da net??? Cause if I sent this to my friend like "Girl, look what happened to my dumb ass today!" and she in-turn put it out there like that, we would so fight.

I like how she just laid there after she fell. Man! Ion even know what else to say.

**dead at 'We Fall Down' playing in the background**

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That Was My Jam!!!

Today's Jam is Groove Me by Guy. That song was my jam fa' real. I even remember my uncle swiging by my house on a warm summer day, tossing me a copy of the tape and smashing off. I had seen the video for Groove Me and I Like by then so I was pretty excited. I guess I don't have to tell you what my 12 year old ears knew then. This damn albulm was a certified banger! I used to listen to this on my walkman all.the.time. You had sum fast cuts to get ya boggie on with and then you had some slow jams to be fast with(wink). I still bang the hell out of their first two albulms to this day.
Imma tell you what I did see the other day that put Guy on my mind. I'll be damned if I didn't see a girl get on the bus that looked JUST LIKE Aaron Hall. Then to my amazement, another one got on! Twins! Well I'll be damned. I think that maybe their moms musta got with Aaron when he was here on tour back in the day and these were the fruits of their love fest. But, damn why they had to look just like the nicca? I mean they had on glasses and everything. LOL! Oh well, I bet that incident of groupie love didn't turn out the way she wanted it.
Universal Music won't allow me to embed this video. So, click the link to see sum straight up New Jack Swing!
And by the way, yeah, I know. Who, at 12, has songs to be fast with at 12? Me! That's who. Don't judge me. Y'all know I'm fragile.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tell me how you feel...

Don't I sound sincere? Lol! Like I really care about y'all's feelings.

I was reading a friends of mine blog today and she was bringing up sum pretty valid points. One of them was about dudes being Booty calls. How does that make you guys feel? When that certain chick calls you and you know she only wants one thing. Y'all know how I get down. I just want a dude to come though, do his thang and then roll the fuck out. I ain't tyna marry u, be ya Boo, hold u down, nunna that shyt. It's just not the right time in my life for all that. People always ask me when I'm going to "settle down". See the issue with that is the "settle" part. That word makes me think I'm losing out. Why should I settle for anything?

Guys, do you feel that a woman who is only interested in the wham, bam, thank you ma'am is a hoe? I mean gee-whiz, men have been slutting around for ages and it seems to be socially acceptable for that to happen. But, the minute a woman does it, she's a hoe, she's a slut, she's a freak. I don't feel that way and I know quite a few women that don't either. I think the tables have turned(finally) and guys can't handle being "used".

Tell me how you feel guys.

Can't you just feel the sympathy oozing as I type????

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ok, I'm scared now...

This nicca right here


Every time I log onto Onlinebootycall ,this micky-ficky is on there trying to get me to be on his Booty Call list. and thank you.

What da hell is up with that hair???!!!??? Im so confused. It's not quite a mullet yet, not quite a full "curl". I wanna see it from the back. A bitch needs a 360 o this fool. Ion know. Well I just thought I'd share this one with y'all.

Here's another tasty treat to make u join OBC and get you summa dude.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 225
State: WI
Ethnicity: Other
Orientation: Straight
Expectation: Meet new people

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That Was My Jam!!!

I know I'm late. I didn't forget. My wireless connection that I "borrow" from my neighbors was acking funky last night. So. I'm doing it now. Sue me.

I love, love, love this video. What more could you want? Boxing, break dancing, and the ever so sexy Charlie Wilson and his birdcage chest all wet and shiny. But that curl nicca, that curl is the TRUTH! You know they had some money, cause ain't no po ass nicca getting his curl wet! LOL! Oh yeah, Robert and Ronnie Wilson are in the video too. Nuthing much to talk about there. Ronnie's shirt is super tight and Robert clearly wants some camera time. But, Charlie wasn't having it. Prolly thought he was gonna be the star-ra cause he had the "looks". Negitivo on that one. Charlie stole the show. Ronnie already knew what the business was, he didn't even try, po thang.

Good times, good times.