Monday, October 27, 2008

You ain't gotta lie to kick it!

Man! WTF is up with dudes these days???? If I have one more nicca's girlfriend contact me....I swear, it's gonna be one. She is gonna have to **say it with me** Find Out About It!

Long story short, this cat I had been talking to for about 2 weeks, girlfriend texted me yesterday. She wasn't all brolic or nuthing like that (even though she called me a TRICK), it was just the fact that she contacted me. I didn't even bother to give her my usual horse and pony show that I usually give when some one's other contacts me. I didn't even have it in me yesterday. But, she did say something to me, she left me a voicemail, that kinda made me laugh. Basically, she said that I NEED to respect her and their relationship. Ummmmmmmm...NO! NEVERENDING doesn't need to do anything. I did advise her that I asked dude if he had an "other" and he told me no. Sounds to me like SHE needs to have a conversation with HIM about respecting THEIR relationship.

What has happened in the world that cats think that its A O-Kay to have a main chick and whatever dummy(me)on the side??? I mean gee! If ur not ready to settle down, then don't. And the thing about it is, if a guy would be forthcoming and honest about the situation, I just may have been with it. I mean, shyt, we don't even live in the same state. It wasn't all that serious to be lying and whatnot.**Le sigh** Men will never learn.

What is it exactly that they get from doing shyt like that?? Is it funny? Does it make them feel like they're "The Man"? Can men be nymphos??? Cause I truly think it's about the sex. Seeing as, initially, I met him on a sex site. Hmmmmm??? I wonder if she knows that her guy is running around showing folks, what's supposed to be just for her??? Well, he need not worry, I won't tell. I ain't even like that. She did leave me her phone number like I was gonna call her and shyt. Nah,I think I'll pass. That is, here it comes folks, unless she's proper ass hell and digs fat chicks. There. I said it. Y'all know how I do.

P.S. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know Stinkums, I could be blogging about all the wonderful things that you do. But, this is so much more entertaining. You know folks like drama!


malika in atlanta said...

well, i've been on both sides of the coin. i agree with you though. when you gotta chase a dude down and go after his chicks and all of that shit, frankly, it ain't worth it. that's why i'm leaving my son's father, i'll let those skanks in the street have him (you're not a skank, lol, i'm just sayin', you know what i mean). anyway, dudes don't have to lie. i've been in purely sexual relationships and those are cool. it just gets twisted when the guy starts to try to treat me like his girl, when he's got a girl at home already. i tell all of my guy friends that women aren't fragile until you get our hearts involved. if all you want is sex, just say so. no, not all women are going to settle for a purely sexual relationship, but many are. its not worth the hassle that a man has to go through when the women around him are beefing. the most successful playboys are those that have several women, and the women know about the other chicks, they just don't care.
and you were right to throw away the number, she obviously likes drama and it sounds like neither him nor the chick are worth your time.

Neverendingchase said...

Malika, you are so right. I guess the problem I keep having is, I keep dating the same dude. He just comes to me in different forms. Don't it say sumthing in the Bible about the devil being able to take on different forms?? Or am I just making that up? LOL!