Friday, October 31, 2008

Quality vs. Quantity

This is gonna be real short....

I was talking to Mr. Smoke and Mirrors the other night and u wanna know that this fool said to me???

He would rather have 10 ones instead of 1 ten.


Basically, he would rather have a gang of busted ass broads than to have one hot, scrum-diddly-umptious bird.

Really? Really? I can't even call it.

Mr. Smoke and Mirrors, what say you??? We demand answers!!!!

P.S. Momma Smoke and Mirrors was right. You know yo ass was out there Booty-Scooting!


Mr. Smoke & Mirrors said...

Hey, I'll take 5 twos & two 5s, two 3s & a 4!!! I got 6 12s!!! Fuck wit ya boy!!!

malika in atlanta said...

that's bullshit. who the hell would settle like that? i don't really like to date 10's though. too much ego. give me a 7 or an 8 anyday. my son's father is a 10 (or a 9 1/2) and half of our problems stem from the fact that there are always chicks wanting to screw him. yep, just give me a 7 or an 8.

thundacat said...

lol@ mR smoke and mirrors...*looking* is you my babydaddy??...cuz that sound real familiar.

dude str8 up told me after 11 years of back and forth i love u, i hate u shit, that even tho i got banging top and bottom, and he believe he wont neva find a girl to freak like i freak him...he still feed the need to SEARCH for easy puss....he want QUANTITY and VARIETY over Q U A L I T Y!!!, give me a damn dime on the inside..a good solid chunky 7 on the outside and i am GOOD!!..and lawd! i learned my lesson taking a 4 and trying to bring him up to a 7 or 8..than he think he can pull sumthin better than u!!!..cuz ur ass got him out of dockers jean and adidas running shoes and put his ass in Dickies and J's, with a grill in his mouth and a chain on his he think he fly!! LMAO...them raggedy ass hoes can HAVE the FAT MACK!!..