Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jesus Wept....

Lord have mercy! What in the world is that????

A friend of mine graced my inbox with this dismal display. She got it from some white dude trying to get at her. I sincerely hope that's not your best effort. Cause, THAT, Sir, just ain't gonna get it, this, or that. She actually had the balls(that's why she's my bestie)enough to ask dude if that was his member. He was like "Would it make a difference if it was?". Uhhhhhh yeah! Major DUH! She let his ass know though, she pretty much let him know that if it is, they could only be friends. He says it's his finger. Ion think so.

Po thang. He needs prayer and a laying of hands.

P.S. Well maybe not a laying of hands. Cause I ain't touching that mess.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


being medicated
that shit
this shit
them heauxs i used to kick it with
the gym
the dumb shit
my momma
yo momma
them kids
these kids
district attorney feiss
his daddy
her daddy
98% of the heauxs I have ever worked with
this nigga
this game
the police
this diet
that bum
that bitch
my life

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So I hear...

That y'all want me to blog again. Wellllll...lemme see what I can do. I just haven't been feeling it lately. Looks like I haven't felt it since October 2009. LOL! I'll conjure up something over the weekend. I promise**fangas crossed**.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is wrong with these kids???

Real quick

Big Boy pisses on toilet seat

I make him clean it

Little Boy calls him a nasty buzzard

Big Boy punches Little Boy in the chest and starts choking the hale outta him

I rush in and start FIGHTING Big Boy! I have never FOUGHT my son before but this was serious! He was really hurting Little Boy! I don't know what the hale is wrong with them 2 lately. It's like living in the damn Bad video. EVERYTHING is a fight. Cereal, the tv, house keys...I mean every got-damn thing! I can't take it. Don't they know they are working me up to a damn heart attack???

There was one bright shining moment in the whole situation though. During the melee, my towel came off and I ended up beating Big Boy's ass, ass naked!!! Who has ever gotten they ass whooped by they momma and they momma was ass naked????!!!??? I'm not sure if that look on Big Boys face was fear cause I beat that ass or shock cause I was nakie. LOL!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Boy is DEF my son!!!!!!

Really not sure what Big Boy wrote this for. He says it was an assignment for school. He is growing into quite the militant young man. **whispers**I'm so proud!!

Broken Rules

It means that the first amendment didn't mean that you get beat and killed for speaking your rights. It says freedom of speech, so why are white people doing the opposite of a major statement in the constitution and why should we be arrested for stopping a crime that whites have committed and why do we get discriminated and shunned upon inside of mainstream america** and why did we get lynched for knowing that a white person killed an Afro-American. we have the same rights as everybody else so why do we get arrested and wait for court for 7 years but, the new white guy goes to court and gets freedom in a matter of 1 day while we sit and wait. it's just not the way things should go. we are all the same inside. so why not be treated as so.

I found out about his paper AFTER it had been handed in and Big Boy said the teacher told him she wanted to show this to her colleagues. Hmmmmmm...wonder what that's all about.

And for the definition of Mainstream America** let's catch another phone conversation with me and Big Boy

Me: (answers phone)WHAT??!!??

Big Boy: Will you PLEASE tell Little Boy about Mainstream America and how it's out to get us!!!!

Me: Why don't you tell me about it Big Boy.

Big Boy: Mainstream America is WHITE FOLKS!!!!

Me: Boy! Who have you been talking to???

Big Boy: I be listening to you and my dad talk about stuff.

Me: Boy bye! You know I'm at work and can't let the man catch me on the phone.

Yeah I think this weekend me and Big Boy's dad are going to have to have a talk with him.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You've changed!

Yeah! CAM has been screaming that shyt lately. I beg to differ buddy boy! You say I've changed cause I have a new job making a few more coins than I was making before. In the words of Biggie, "Mo money, Mo problems". I'm just as broke now as before. Or is it because I won't give you any of my money. See, that's always a sore spot with dudes and me. I have NEVER been the type of chick that just gives her money all free and willy-nilly. Nope! I'm not gonna clothe you. Nope! I'm not gonna put gas in ur car. Nope! I'm not hading out pocket money. Why? Cause I ain't got it, I ain't got it. I have kids. DUH! And for me to put ur needs ahead of my kids, I ain't even gonna be able to do it. See what the problem is, ur used to chicks giving u money and shyt like a damn fool. They prolly got kids too. But the prospect of getting sum dack totally outweighs any common sense they may (or may not) possess. Don't get me wrong, I LOVES THE DACK! But, I aint paying for it. It's really not that serious to me. And I hope ur not thinking that I should be willing to pay for it cause I'm fat. WRONG AGAIN! I'm flyer than a muther phucker! I'm really not sure if you're aware of that. Niccas dig me. I can get sum dack. U better believe it! I'm just not on that right now.

I know ur shyt is kinda phucked up right now. And I feel for you. I truly do. But, I would be more inclined to do something for someone that has done something for me. That has never been the case with us. You don't do shyt for me. So, I in turn, have learned not to do shyt for you. See how that works? Since we've known each other, I have been homeless, lost jobs, lost my grandparents...all kinds of phucked up shyt. And you were NEVER there. NEVER! So yeah, I will always feel some sort of way about that. All you were able to provide me with were games that I didn't want to play and hurt feelings. So I guess you get what you give. You said it best earlier, "Karma's a bitch!". Yes it is CAM, yes it is.

You asked for a blog about you. There you go. Enjoy!

P.s. You know I love you. Just had to let you know that ur shyt indeed stinks!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

These kids of mine...

Overheard last night....

Lil boy: Lemme play ur game Big Boy.

Big Boy: Lemme kick you in the nutz.

Lil Boy: How long you gonna let me play the game???

Me: What the fuck kinda shyt is that???!!! Get the hale outta my room with that mess. And Lil Boy you'se a damn fool if you let him kick you in the nutz!!!