Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is wrong with these kids???

Real quick

Big Boy pisses on toilet seat

I make him clean it

Little Boy calls him a nasty buzzard

Big Boy punches Little Boy in the chest and starts choking the hale outta him

I rush in and start FIGHTING Big Boy! I have never FOUGHT my son before but this was serious! He was really hurting Little Boy! I don't know what the hale is wrong with them 2 lately. It's like living in the damn Bad video. EVERYTHING is a fight. Cereal, the tv, house keys...I mean every got-damn thing! I can't take it. Don't they know they are working me up to a damn heart attack???

There was one bright shining moment in the whole situation though. During the melee, my towel came off and I ended up beating Big Boy's ass, ass naked!!! Who has ever gotten they ass whooped by they momma and they momma was ass naked????!!!??? I'm not sure if that look on Big Boys face was fear cause I beat that ass or shock cause I was nakie. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

*chuckles* I wasn't expecting the ending.

Siblings will be siblings and fight ... although I must admit I've never choked my brother. I may have just thought about it. *snickers*

AmICrazy? said...

I have three boys who are not 17, 18 and 20. Of course the 2 younger ones were going at it hard about 3 years ago every day all one night they are in my kitchen fighting AGAIN I was too done. I made my husband take them outside and have them duke it out til they could not swing any more! They were shocked and mad as hell! Guess what, they don't even try to fight in my house anymore (or anywhere for that matter). Not saying that's what you should do just saying that's how fed up I was. Good Luck boys are hell, but I would much rather have 3 boys than 1 girl any day!

Dr. PFunkenstien..."achieving Funkentelechy for all humanity!" said...

You need me to ride thru and beat they asses for you Nevs...I will! :)

Lexi said...

Lmao I've gotten a naked whoopin before and I was like damn u couldn't get dssed first?

But yea they see to be at that age where they'll be fighting like crazy. I learned about pre/puebescent behavioral changes in boys and girls and learned that they just can't help it.

So good luck nevs, you got some ways to go.


Melisha said...

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