Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You've changed!

Yeah! CAM has been screaming that shyt lately. I beg to differ buddy boy! You say I've changed cause I have a new job making a few more coins than I was making before. In the words of Biggie, "Mo money, Mo problems". I'm just as broke now as before. Or is it because I won't give you any of my money. See, that's always a sore spot with dudes and me. I have NEVER been the type of chick that just gives her money all free and willy-nilly. Nope! I'm not gonna clothe you. Nope! I'm not gonna put gas in ur car. Nope! I'm not hading out pocket money. Why? Cause I ain't got it, I ain't got it. I have kids. DUH! And for me to put ur needs ahead of my kids, I ain't even gonna be able to do it. See what the problem is, ur used to chicks giving u money and shyt like a damn fool. They prolly got kids too. But the prospect of getting sum dack totally outweighs any common sense they may (or may not) possess. Don't get me wrong, I LOVES THE DACK! But, I aint paying for it. It's really not that serious to me. And I hope ur not thinking that I should be willing to pay for it cause I'm fat. WRONG AGAIN! I'm flyer than a muther phucker! I'm really not sure if you're aware of that. Niccas dig me. I can get sum dack. U better believe it! I'm just not on that right now.

I know ur shyt is kinda phucked up right now. And I feel for you. I truly do. But, I would be more inclined to do something for someone that has done something for me. That has never been the case with us. You don't do shyt for me. So, I in turn, have learned not to do shyt for you. See how that works? Since we've known each other, I have been homeless, lost jobs, lost my grandparents...all kinds of phucked up shyt. And you were NEVER there. NEVER! So yeah, I will always feel some sort of way about that. All you were able to provide me with were games that I didn't want to play and hurt feelings. So I guess you get what you give. You said it best earlier, "Karma's a bitch!". Yes it is CAM, yes it is.

You asked for a blog about you. There you go. Enjoy!

P.s. You know I love you. Just had to let you know that ur shyt indeed stinks!