Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That Was My Jam Tuesdays!!

I guess I'm going to try to do this every Tuesday from here on out. It came to me outta sheer boredom at work. Bored=YouTube in my book. So without further ado, here is my 1st contribution:

Who remembers this dood? And where the hell is he now? I guess that Biv10 deal didn't take him very far. He was kinda sexy in a 1990's light-skinned brother type of way. I actually surprised myself the other day by knowing alllllll the damn words to this song. I must have felt very strongly about some damn Oochie Coochie back in the day.

Let's not forget his attempt at a rap ballad.

Good times. Good times.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Awwwww....I lost a friend

Meh...who cares? Not me of course. Truth be told, she was one sexy ass chick, whose ass I would have loved to wax. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, she decided she wasn't feeling me. Why, you may ask would she not like the Fantabulous Neverending? Cause I said I wasn't attracted to a mutual friend of ours. Her and dude do what they do. And, I guess the plan was for me to do that with them. But, as for me, nah, I'll pass. Dude is hella cool, he's just not for The Kid.

See, she thinks I'm materialistic/superficial because I have to have a dude with sum swag to em. I mean, gee, a nicca gotta look and smell good cause 1/2 the damn time I have no clue what the nicca is saying(y'all know I'm deafer than a mutherphucker)anyways. And, it's not just the clothes, it's the whole attitude and demeanor. I love a cocky ass dude. I think thats kinda weird cause, I'm quick to tell a nicca he ain't shyt. LOL! But, deep down, I know I love a nicca that thinks he's all that and is. What I can't stand is the dusty, old ass AF1 wearing, neck stretched out on ya white-t, grimy jeans wearing cat that thinks his shat don't stink. I got news fa ya hommie, Ya Aint All That. Trust and believe. I will let it be known. Ur talking to the same chick that was addressing the weed man as Box, as in Dirt Box, one night after the club closed in Iowa. And told him what I was saying too. So my love of everything swagerific runs deep. My hatred for all things dusty and gloomy runs deeper.

I'm trying to raise sum men over here. I can't let my boys see me with just any old rusty, dusty cat that smiles my way. Then, they will think it's o.k. for them to be that way and still be able to pull a decent chick. Nope! Nada! Ain't happening. Big Boy's dad used to dress sooooooooooo nice, not really sure what happened there. Now he's all old and outdated. Hopefully the fact that I always tell Big Boy I ain't thinking about his dusty ass daddy will sink in. Now, Little Boy's father dresses really nice. But, we all know, that he doesn't dress himself. Whoever is dressing him, I say GOOD JOB! Cause, he's come a long way. He used to be that dusty dude. Yeah I know, I had a baby with the nicca. Well, I was young and dumb and called myself "stepping out"(that's what my granny calls it)on Big Boy's dad and got caught up in sum boolshyt. It's ok. Players fuck up. I learned my lesson. I'll never travel down that long, dusty road again.

If ya got that swag, holla at me in the comments!

Farewell, lovely light skinned with the big bazungas! We could have made beautiful music together.**drops tear for the butt nekid frenzy that would have ensued, if only I didn't open my big mouth**

You can get with Twit or you can get with That

Twitter me this Batman....How can you keep up with Neverendingchase on the go? Come Twitter with me. My Twitter Id is Neverendinchase.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Players fuck up sometimes too....

I've been so neglectful. I know you all prolly hate me. I kinda figured that out after the 1st couple of "Bitch where u been?" emails. Maybe if I got more comments, instead of emails, I would blog more often...Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Well nuthin too much has been going on. Little Boy started football a few weeks ago. I love my baby y'all but I swear, he is the slowest running little fucker out there on the field. I guess he's having a hard time dragging all that ass he got piled high on his back. LOL! **Dang, maybe I shouldn't be saying that. I don't want any pedophiles googling Little Boy** Lemme tell y'all this shyt right here. I called Little Boy's "father", I use that term veeeeeery loosely, to see if he would cough up the $80 for him to play. I figure out of damn near 9 years, I could get a measly $80. Nope, no dice. He ain't got it. Of course. But, see, when you don't work and don't hustle and all you have the the allowance your new baby momma gives u everyday like sum damn milk money, then I guess you stay broke. Well long story short, Stinkems gave him the money to play. Welllllll, now all of a sudden, Deadbeat wants to come to the games. No problem there. But, it's after the game that we run into issues. You know this fool be tryna come over after the game and fuck. thanks, I'll pass on that. He is soooooo 1999. Im good. Besides, he has yet ANOTHER new baby. When will he learn. I guess all I can say to the new Baby Momma is, "Good luck with that, girl". She's gonna need it.

Lemme see...what else....

Found sum new penis! YES! And it's the greatest!!! Annnnnnnnd he knows his position. We do what we do, and then he takes his ass home. JACKPOT! YAY PENIS! I would tell y'all about some of the escapades but, this ain't that type of blog. Just know that it's scandalous. But, if u want the full details, please send a check or money order to:

4835 North..Yeah right. I ain't that damn stupid. LOL!!!

I guess thats all Boo-Boo Kitty Fucks.

Lemme do sum damn work before somebody figures out I ain't got shyt to do.