Saturday, June 27, 2009

A few questions for You...

Sooooo your not talking to me because I'm not in agreement with you getting back with ur abusive boyfriend? My kids can't see your kids because you think they're going to come over here and tell me how you getting ur noodle knocked? Ur mad at me because I care about you and ur children? You got an attitude because I think it's a horrible idea for you to have another child? For 1, you're too old to still be popping babies and for 2, why would you want a baby with that bitch. I'm just saying. Do you really think I'm hating on you because you over there getting black eyes? Do you really think I believe y'all over there BALLIN'(in my Jim Jones voice) and ain't broke and struggling just like me? You must think I'm a fool? He must take me as a joke? You don't know that I know a few folks that know him, do you? Your not aware of his history, are you? Don't you know that abusive men alienate you from your families and friends so they can have total control over you? And, you just over there letting him, right? Have you lost your mind? Do you feel that bad about urself? Do you really feel like you deserve that shit? Aren't you scared? You don't worry about him harming your kids? You must not know that you're showing ur daughters its okay to let a nicca whoop on you and your son that it's cool to whoop chicks as long as the abuser says sorry? Do have a clue as to how silly all of this sounds? You know this makes you look all fucked up to everybody, right?

Don't you know I fear for you?

Don't you know I cry for you?

Don't you know I miss you?

Don't you know I love you?

You're not tryna hear me, are you.............

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pay UP!!!

Awwwwww....look who spent his birfday in jail. LIL BOY'S DADDY!!!

AH-HA Brian Ware!!! Pay ya child support nucca and these things wouldn't happen to you! Karma's a Bitch!!!!!

Click the link and search for Brian Ware.

Am I bogus for putting his name out there like that???


**Update** He got out. I hear they gave him a personal recognizance bond for the child support. WTF! You trusted him the 1st time to make the child support payments on his own without garnishing his paychecks and he didn't do it. Hence the child support warrants. So now y'all trust him to bring his ass back to court based on his word. Ummm yeah...lemme marinate on that one for a minute.

Minute's up!

Yep! Y'all stupid.