Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Boy is DEF my son!!!!!!

Really not sure what Big Boy wrote this for. He says it was an assignment for school. He is growing into quite the militant young man. **whispers**I'm so proud!!

Broken Rules

It means that the first amendment didn't mean that you get beat and killed for speaking your rights. It says freedom of speech, so why are white people doing the opposite of a major statement in the constitution and why should we be arrested for stopping a crime that whites have committed and why do we get discriminated and shunned upon inside of mainstream america** and why did we get lynched for knowing that a white person killed an Afro-American. we have the same rights as everybody else so why do we get arrested and wait for court for 7 years but, the new white guy goes to court and gets freedom in a matter of 1 day while we sit and wait. it's just not the way things should go. we are all the same inside. so why not be treated as so.

I found out about his paper AFTER it had been handed in and Big Boy said the teacher told him she wanted to show this to her colleagues. Hmmmmmm...wonder what that's all about.

And for the definition of Mainstream America** let's catch another phone conversation with me and Big Boy

Me: (answers phone)WHAT??!!??

Big Boy: Will you PLEASE tell Little Boy about Mainstream America and how it's out to get us!!!!

Me: Why don't you tell me about it Big Boy.

Big Boy: Mainstream America is WHITE FOLKS!!!!

Me: Boy! Who have you been talking to???

Big Boy: I be listening to you and my dad talk about stuff.

Me: Boy bye! You know I'm at work and can't let the man catch me on the phone.

Yeah I think this weekend me and Big Boy's dad are going to have to have a talk with him.


Anonymous said...

That's MY boy!!