Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That Was My Jam!!!

Today's Jam is Groove Me by Guy. That song was my jam fa' real. I even remember my uncle swiging by my house on a warm summer day, tossing me a copy of the tape and smashing off. I had seen the video for Groove Me and I Like by then so I was pretty excited. I guess I don't have to tell you what my 12 year old ears knew then. This damn albulm was a certified banger! I used to listen to this on my walkman all.the.time. You had sum fast cuts to get ya boggie on with and then you had some slow jams to be fast with(wink). I still bang the hell out of their first two albulms to this day.
Imma tell you what I did see the other day that put Guy on my mind. I'll be damned if I didn't see a girl get on the bus that looked JUST LIKE Aaron Hall. Then to my amazement, another one got on! Twins! Well I'll be damned. I think that maybe their moms musta got with Aaron when he was here on tour back in the day and these were the fruits of their love fest. But, damn why they had to look just like the nicca? I mean they had on glasses and everything. LOL! Oh well, I bet that incident of groupie love didn't turn out the way she wanted it.
Universal Music won't allow me to embed this video. So, click the link to see sum straight up New Jack Swing!
And by the way, yeah, I know. Who, at 12, has songs to be fast with at 12? Me! That's who. Don't judge me. Y'all know I'm fragile.