Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He is so lucky he made me laugh....

I went to Lil Boy's field trip today and Big Boy just so happened to be "on his deathbed" and couldn't go to school today. The field trip was alright. Nuthing too exciting happened. Feel free to check out the pics on FB. The fun began when I got home. Big Boy is gone to the doctor with his dad and I'm surveying the damage of him being home alone all day. Not too bad. Two wet washcloths on the floor in the hallway. But, other than that. Not too bad. So I grab my laptop so I can download the pics from the field trip. I turn it's going through the motions to load or whatever it does...the desktop appears....and there it was

WTF is this??!!?? The file name is: 133897 - Bleach Isane_Kotetsu Kiyone_Kotetsu Kukaku_Shiba Nanao Nemu_Kurotsuchi Orihime Rangiku_Matsumoto Retsu_Unohana Rukia_Kuchiki Soifon Utility_Pole_Spirit Yoruichi.jpg

Ahhhhhh...Bleach. Big Boys favorite weird anime show. This nicca been on my laptop!!! He knows damn well he doesn't touch this thing. I don't want him glancing at the mutha phucka! I click on his lil file and what do I get?????

DA HALE?!?! What is this??? Is this Kiddie Porn y'all??? Fa'real??? Is it? OMG!!! Big Boy is 12, is this the age they look at this kind of stuff.

Anways, after seeing the anime porn, I call Big Boy's dad.

Me: Ask Big Boy why he was on my laptop

Him:(to Big Boy)Yo momma said what wuz you doing on her laptop

Big Boy: My stomach hurts

Me: you sick again. You wasn't sick earlier when you were looking at porn!

Big Boy: I didn't mean to. I was looking for pictures from Bleach and it just popped up and I didn't know what to do so I-


Big Boy: No, it saved itself. I didn't kn-

Me: Forget it dude. Just don't be looking at porn on my laptop. I won't delete it though. You might wanna look at it later. Right?

Big Boy: Bye Momma

LOL!! Po thang.

"My stomach hurts."


P.S. My scribbling didn't turn out like Mo's. Mine kinda didn't help the situation. Looks like I gave em pasties and big pube bushes. Oh well you get the idea.

P.P.S. On the real, is this considered kiddie porn???


Anonymous said...

LOL!! awwww!! at least it wasn't no Cassie or Rhianna buck nekkids LOL THEN that'd be a problem

"my stomach hurt" lol don't be changing the subject lol! my neice is 12 so I kno the feeling...OMG on my shit looking up Bow Wow, Chris Brown, ect.... lawd

Anonymous said...

bwaahaaahaaa...lmao....PO BABY!..gettin caught looking at porn by Mama has to got to rank up there with the first time ya kids walk in on u doing it!! least it was cartoon give him a pass!..but he saved it?? and had it on the Desktop???


It'sJustTheInternetSilly said...

I've got teenage brothers and so...I get it.

C. Alexis said...

lawd @ the anime cooter

lol i def pulled a few tummy aches in my day

Lin.Deezy. said...


Rose said...

LMAO, that was funny poor big boy, hope he's better from his "tummy ache" =)

I'm Shakin' My Head said...

ROFL. That kilt me. Dead @ my stomach hurts.

Yeah, the blot out job was none too good. I was looking at it like, "Dang, dem girls have some weird hipples and butt hair." But I figured it out.

PYT said...

IM TOO OUT DONE!!! hahahhahahaha

MsLondon - It's Me Bitches said...

Looool.. that is too cute.. I think it's quite harmless compared to what he could be looking at... but he's getting to that age now, so these things are gonna happen!