Thursday, June 19, 2008


I know somebody’s gonna get mad when I say this. I know it’s a generalization….. but these Milwaukee dudes are crazy! Why is it sooooo hard to meet a nice guy? Why do guys try to talk to you and upon rejection they want to tell you how u aint this and that? Why do things have to get soooooooooo ugly? Why is every Milwaukee cat against dating? Why do all Milwaukee cats wanna get down but they say they aint “trix”? Everything on u is cool. Ur gas, ur time and whatever else you decide to add to the mix yet they don’t even have the common sense to buy a rubber if u wanted to give them sum.

Why is something simple as dating like pullin teeth? R the guys really that broke or just that damn cheap? What happened to chivalry? Why does a guy feel like if he takes you out hes a trick?

If you’ve been to a swing party (more than one) does that make u a swinger? Why does that turn a man on until he finds out that he cant cut? Why can a guy have the same amount of lovers but you be considered promiscuous and he not be? He's a player, pimp and ur a hoodrat, a bopper a jumpdown. did i miss something?

I thought I had found my new baby daddy. Nuthin lost nuthin gained. Well actually I’ve gained good friend/partner/lover. A cheap Milwaukee nigga’s loss, another’s gain. I’m good but im jus sayin. When does the vicious cycle end. The cycle where a guy is a trick if hes nice to a girl or “spends money” and if the guy don’t spend no money then the girl says he cant get none. Really the circle has to stop somewhere……

Remember this:

Anything worth havin is worth earning
Nothing meaningful is easy
You get what u pay for

I could go on and on but I wont. Not today anyways……