Thursday, June 19, 2008

79 Missed Calls

My guy Mr. Smoke and Mirrors is over here tonight indulging in sum illegals with me and this cat's phone is off the meter. This chick has been calling him since about 9:15. As of right now we are at call 79! WHO DA FUCK calls sumbody like that? What is that fucking important? He thinks it's the dack. I had to ask him if he dips his shyt in heroin or sumthing? That would be a fucked up trick to play on a bitch. I would only want HIS dack. No other dack would do it for me. Pussy lips looking like Pookie's dry ass mouth. Willing to to anything for THAT dack. LOL!

Lemme shut my high ass up.....

P.S. I think she's just silly.


VIRG said...

Sorry there's no crack on my pack, no 'Pookie Powder'' on my prick... If you didn't know "I'm Cold with this Pole... I'm a fool with this Tool." Never underestimate a player till you've played him to the end!!!
Mr. Smoke and Mirrors

p.s. Some niggas have strong Lick action, whereas others have strong Dick action! You decide which 1 do you want???
King D