Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speak up! I can't hear ya!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey boo-boo kitty fucks!!! How y'all be? Wondering where I've been?? I know folks read this shyt, they just don't comment. How do I know? Cause they call and tell me. Leave a comment, then maybe others will too! :)


Guess what! I can't fuckin hear! If you know me, then you know that I haven't been able to hear in my left ear for over 7 years. Fine no problem, I have another one. Well now I starting to lose the hearing in my damn right ear! What kind of "Jesus Doesn't Love Me, This I Know" shyt is that? It's kinda scary. I talk on the damn phone for a living! Ummmmmmmm how da hell is that gonna work if a bytch can't hear??? I guess I really will be po', broke, and lonely. Damn! Speaking of which, who dates the deaf girl??? Nobody, that's who. All this cuteness going to waste. Niccas will be like "she's cute but, I can't talk to her cause DA BITCH CAN'T HEAR" Riiiiiiiiiiight...this scenario is getting better and better by the minute.

I bet Big Boy nd Little Boy will think this is the greatest thing since I "lost"(by lost I mean I think they threw it away)my big belt. I can see it now, cause I sure can't hear it, these little nigglets will be around here doing and saying anything. Damn!

You would think that as nosey as I am, by now I would have mastered the fine art of reading lips. Oh well...I'm going to do sum illegals and go back to sleep...

"Blindness cuts you off from things but, deafness cuts you off from people"
Helen Keller