Friday, May 30, 2008

You know who I can't stand??????

MY MOMMA!!!!!!! Oooooooooo-weeeeeeeeeeeee! That little black ass lady know she gets on my very last nerve! Y'all know I got Big Boy and Little Boy, right? Well, you would have thought that she laid up on that table and pushed those big-headed jerks out. She always got some damn input on how they should be raised, what they should eat, what they should wear...blah blah blizzy-blah! When I was coming up, my granny let her do her thang. Whatever she wanted to do, whatever dusty ass negro she wanted to live with us, whatever social security number(mine)she she wanted to work under, my granny didn't bat an eyelash. So I really don't know where all this shyt comes from(insert blank stare here). Maybe she's just lonely. Or maybe she feels that she failed as a parent. Ion know. What I do know is, talking to her makes my ass itch. She should just send a note or sumthing. I wish!

She likes to think we don't get along cause I'm bi-polar. Nope! That ain't it. We don't get along cause I'm grown and she can't understand that. She likes to think that I argue with her cause I'm "off my meds". Nope! That ain't it either. We don't get along cause I won't let her run my household. I've even offered her to have my boys, just so that I don't have to deal with her. I know, that ain't right. So you know it must be bad. LOL! The funny thing about the whole situation is that, she doesn't even like kids. Trust me, I know, I was kid in her house once. I know how she gets down(ask me about the hot curling irons). Always screaming she gonna get foster kid. Oh no! Not if they gotta ask me anything, she won't. Cause I'm singing like a bird.

I've gone as far as to tell her that it costs X amount of dollars to run my house. If she pays that, she can do whatever da hell she wants to do in here. I'm still waiting on that dough.

BTW, if there are any cute dudes reading this, the offer stands for you too(wink wink). Ya just can't be dusty, my momma turned me off to y'all a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

leave ms. b alone
she has good intentions.

dem hurr bois and she will fight you over them

Anonymous said...

but you know she loves you so, quit trippin.