Monday, May 26, 2008

Priority vs. Option

OK, so I have been seeing(fucking)CAM since the summer of '06. We have the most unhealthy type of relationship possible. While I put forth as much effort possible, he...well...doesn't. I do all the calling, texting, and emailing. The problem is, while I shouldn't want this dude, I love him to death. The thing that makes the situation so much more "extra" is that i know he doesn't feel the same.

Well last week he went to ATL for his daughter's kindergarten graduation and I call him. Mind you before he left all I got was a series of text messages telling me that he "needs some" before his trip. Truth be told, I was thinking the same thing. But, he, of course, was pressed for time and we didn't get the deed in. So I call him after he had been gone and this is the convo

Me: Did you make it alright? Ur breathing? Are you being good?

CAM: Yeah i got here, I'm at my daughters graduation.

Me: Well tell her I said good job and..

CAM: (cuts me off totally) My daughter is talking to click apply if ur on a cell phone?)

Hold the fuck on!!!! You hung up on me 'cause a freaking 5 y/o is talking to you??? WTF is up with that? My kids know that if they see my phone on my ear, they don't speak to me unless it's a fucking emergency! I know, I know...I'm being a bitch right? I know it was her special day and all. But, what she doesn't know is that her daddy presents me with his penis on a regular basis and I feel that kinda gives me some kind of one-up on her. It does doesn't it?? Couldn't he had just told her to hold on for a sec, daddy's on the phone? Oh well. That whole situation prompted me to send him a text. I wished i had saved it. But it basically said that I'm not some bootleg bitch and refuse to be treated as such. I am not an OPTION! I am a PRIORITY! And if he can't treat me as such, then I'm done. I erased his number from my phone and set my phone to just accept calls from folks I have saved in my contacts. That was on Thursday. I have no clue if he has called or not. Let's see how long this lasts. I'm officially on strike!


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