Monday, December 29, 2008

It's True...I spoke on it...

I'll be damned!!! Mr. Smoke and Mirrors really does have heroin on his dack!!!

Lemme tell y'all what happened. Now I may not have all the finer details down pat but, you'll get the gist of the situation. This was told to me over sum illegals so lets see if I get the story right. If I don't Mr. Smoke and Mirrors will correct me in the comments, I'm sure.

Well to sum it up, Mr. Smoke and Mirrors went to the chick's house, who I must say seems quite the Amazon of women(6'2) and smoked with her and her brother. Said brother left and they fucked.

Wellllllllll in the morning, they woke up giving each other the googly eyes and shyt. Him thinking that they were gonna get it cracking again. Her, well, ummmm..ion thank she was giving him the googly eye. This bitch was having a damn seizure!!!

She took a kamikaze leap to the floor(Mr. S&M words, not mine)and got to shaking and shyt. On her way to the floor she must have hit her head on sumthing and got a big ass gash and was bleeding like a stuck pig. This is where it gets funny to me. All this is going on and Mr. S&M is bucket-naked! He's running around in a damn silly ass circle with his meat hanging out. He was worried that the chick's brother would come back down and catch his narrow naked ass standing over the bleeding chick and think the worst. He wreastles with her to turn her over, remember she's an Amazon and Mr. S&M is, as Thunda can say, skinty. So he gets a pillow under her head and called 911. They took the poor girl to the hospital. He had to sit there with her family and answer 1,001 questions about what had happened. I wonder if he told them the truth, that he sprinkles heroin on his dack. Cause that must be what happened. I refuse to believe that he doesn't after this episode. The truth shall set u free Mr. Smoke and Mirrors. The truth shall set u free.


thundacat said...

my first comment is DAYUUUMMM @ bitch being 6'2!!!

next comment...."HEEEYYYYY" @ MrSmoke&MirRoRs and his heir-rone dycK!! i see ya Daddy!

and LMMFAO @ the bitch having a seizure!..i'm sorry, im sure it was a very traumatic day, but HELL NAWWW!!!, that shit is HILARIOUS!! im sure it was a combo of the illegals and getting her back beat out, either way...i hope u learned a lesson MR. Smoke&MirRoRS!!! stay wit bitches unda 5'9, dont smoke with a hoe if she look "fragile" and than FUCK THE LIFE OUTTA HER!! (literally) maybe smoke with her FIRST, DO NOT hit it for atleast 24 hrs!...see hoe she doing...let her recouperate...THAN, when she sober FUCK the dog shit outta her!...

im thinking you combined TOO many stimulants in a 24hr period. dont be sorry, hoe, BE CAREFUL! (katt williams voice)

Yaya said...

WOW this story was crazy.... all i can say is WOWWWWWWWWWWWW LOL!

The Virge said...

Just so errrbody know....I'm the thin one(6'0" 16?lbs). I was waaaay more fucked up than she was--she only smoked 2 blunts of "some of the shit that killed eLvis" whereas I smoked about 7 & drank more than a pint of Absolut. This shall be the last time I say this in '08--- "I'm cold with this pole & I'm a fool wit this tool!!!" We've done way more than what we did that nite....I guess her luck ran out.
All in all "Sweetdick Virge a.k.a. Kingdingalingsupreme a.k.a. Mr. Dickwich Deluxe Xtra Sauce is officially RETIRED!!!

However, close to March of '09 I'm gonna pull my piece off the mantle and swirl a bitches guts up like cotton candy at your local state fair!

thundacat said...

*dead*@ ^^^^^^^

lmao!! i swear i cant breath right now!! u gunna swirl guts like cotton candy @ the fair??.... u clearly is a fool with that tool. ahahahahaaahaa!....u sound bout as confident with the sweetmeat as i do with the Fat Rabbit. hmmmm.....

my turn.... ThundaCat gotta ThundaCunt, Sugawall Jones, Pussy Like Whoa....Suck a Bone Joan (head game sick too) Da Official HeadDoctor in ur local hood. coming in March of ' pulling my Twat o' Gold/ Mouth of the South off the bench and sucking the black off a mafukka, sucking the cold off the pole and laying the Juicebox on the tool, CUZ IMMA DAMN FOOL!!! ThundaCunt *out* *dropping the mic and walking away*