Sunday, January 4, 2009

Late as usual...

Happy New Years and all that jazz!

So far in 2009 the onliest thang I have done is smoke illegals and go to the grocery store with Mr. Smoke&Mirrors. My hair has been standing up on my head since the 31st and I don't care. Well I guess I better care today since I gotta go to the slave camp tomorrow.

X-mas was wack. Lil Boy gave me a cat calendar, GRE-AAAAAAT. But he's 9 so what do I expect. I went and hit up the 1/2 price sales on the day after X-mas and replenished my perfume supply. So Merry fucking X-mas to me.

I have already banished a person from my realm for the new year. I'm already a sad kinda person to begin with and I'll be damned if I wanna sit up and hear you complain about how much money YOU don't have. See the thing is, dude was like locked up for a week and is trying to "get it up", y'all know what I'm saying and if you don't let me know and we can have a private conversation. So while he's used to having XYZ in his pocket he now only has XY and I ain't trying here no nicca sang the blues about some damn money. I told dude he should see how my ass be shucking and jiving on Fridays when I get my lil paycheck. He just straight shitted on my paycheck. He was like $ ain't shit..I make $ in an hour. I just told dude to call me when he was in a better mood. But I got a trick for that ass, I'm changing my number tomorrow. Sooo...ummmm...good luck with that phone call.

I have also pretty much closed all my social website memberships down. No more MySpace, OBC, BlackPlanet and the such. Tired of meeting the same kinda niccas and broads all the time. And me thinks that some undesirables that I used to associate with had been going though my friends lists and talking to plenty of dudes that I used to talk to. Tack-Kay!!! Oh well, my dinner and ur doggy bag. So, I just cut that water smooth the fuck off.

I guess that's it for now. It's a new year and hopefully a new me. Let's see where this goes.