Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 Days

I saw this over at BlackShoes WhiteSocks and I thought I would give it a try.

10 days that were important in my life or made a significant impact on who I am

1. The day Big Boy was born-being adopted, I had never seen anyone that looked like me before.

2. The day my dad beat my ass-I had gone 14 years without this ever happening.

3. The day I found out my parents were getting a divorce-Seeing my dad's empty closet was crushing.

4. The day that Stinkums confirmed that he did indeed have a new baby-I knew it all along really. Just needed the confirmation.

5. The day that Big Boy's father put his hands on me for the 1st time-I've been quite beasty since then. Trust me. You don't wanna find out about it.

6. The day my best friend Kim died-I still feel like there was something I could have done.

7. The day my mother told me in a fit of rage that I really wasn't part of her family-Don't even wanna comment on that.

8. The day I found out that I wouldn't be getting my hearing back-Plug both your ears, welcome to my world.

9. The day I asked my dad to stop smoking crack for his grandkids sake and he told me no-I learned that I never wanted to do any drug that would control my life.

10. The day that I attempted suicide for the 1st time-Pills really aint the ticket. Or razors for that matter. Next time I know to go out with a BANG!


malika in atlanta said...

i had no clue that you had all of that going on. my god, you're STRONG. i've tried to kill myself too. that is an experience that teaches you so much. you learn who your friends are. you learn what people really think of you. you're deaf too? amazing. whenever you write your biography, i want you to send my autographed copy PRONTO!!! seriously, write a book!

RunningMom said...

Thanks for the love ;)