Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That Was My Jam!!!

BoogieMonsters! 'Nuff said!

or thier 1st

Monday, November 24, 2008


You know what? I was gonna clown the hell outta sumbody's daddy. But, I aint got the time or the energy for that mess tonight. Little Boy done got suspended AGAIN from school and I just can't take the pressure. So just get a gander at the wonderfulness that is TVC1954

Name: TVC1954
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 235
State: IL
Ethnicity: Black / African descent
Orientation: Straight
Expectation: None. Depends on your game.

And the best thing I have seen since..hell ion know...whenever

**DEAD** is that in the 2nd pic? "My First Microwave"???? Jesus be a gift card to Best Buy for X-Mas.


Wanna know who I hate?? I HATE T-Pain!!!

I came to this conclusion last night watching the AMAs. UUUUUUGGGHHHH....he makes me itch. Ion care how much that shyt in his mouth costs, hell he could prolly buy me and you with the $ that he spends on his mouth. But, that shyt looks nasty and wack as hell. Please don't get me started on his dreads and that damn TOP HAT. Really? Ur wearing a damn top hat for what reason T-Pain? What made u say to urself," Hmmmmm...maybe I should incorporate a top hat in my daily wardrobe."? Whatever it was, you should stay away from that shyt.

And is he or is he not the epitome of a fucking coon??? Ole Coony McCoon ass nigga. Got his gat damn ass on stage with Chris Brown and can't even close his damn mouth. That shyt looks like it smells rank. I almost wanna call his Step 'n Fetchit ass a damn NIGGER. Yeah I said it. Whatcha gonna do about it T-Pain? CAM said his security team would whoop my azz. Well it would be well worth it. Ole Niggy Tardust, looking like a damn chewed up Tootsie-Roll ass nigga. UUUGGGHHH!!!

OK. I'm done. Proceed with ur day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 Days

I saw this over at BlackShoes WhiteSocks and I thought I would give it a try.

10 days that were important in my life or made a significant impact on who I am

1. The day Big Boy was born-being adopted, I had never seen anyone that looked like me before.

2. The day my dad beat my ass-I had gone 14 years without this ever happening.

3. The day I found out my parents were getting a divorce-Seeing my dad's empty closet was crushing.

4. The day that Stinkums confirmed that he did indeed have a new baby-I knew it all along really. Just needed the confirmation.

5. The day that Big Boy's father put his hands on me for the 1st time-I've been quite beasty since then. Trust me. You don't wanna find out about it.

6. The day my best friend Kim died-I still feel like there was something I could have done.

7. The day my mother told me in a fit of rage that I really wasn't part of her family-Don't even wanna comment on that.

8. The day I found out that I wouldn't be getting my hearing back-Plug both your ears, welcome to my world.

9. The day I asked my dad to stop smoking crack for his grandkids sake and he told me no-I learned that I never wanted to do any drug that would control my life.

10. The day that I attempted suicide for the 1st time-Pills really aint the ticket. Or razors for that matter. Next time I know to go out with a BANG!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Eyyyyyes!!!!

Damn you Fresh!!!!!

What in the bacon loving hell is this????!!!!???

And I'mma tell you whats real fucked up about the whole situation....I bet she get PAID!